Home Studio Sheds

We can agree all artists need a space to be creative and excel in all their creative ventures. Our studio sheds are just the right buildings to convert to art studios. Some of the popular upgrades to home studio sheds is to add a porch to give your self some additional space to take breaks or simply relax.

Home Studio

You can now show of your art work and also have space to create at you own pace. All home studio sheds are built to last long. See the home studio sheds color options here.

Cabin Studio Shed

The  cabin home studio is a perfectly wonderful home studio choice for hunters and collectors. This  studio shed can be used either to display your trophies and to store them. This is the optimal space for unlimited uses.

Prefab Garage For Sale in VA

Garage Studios

Turn your Timberline Barns garage into your dream home. The Garage studios are larger then the storage sheds and can house more items. See Garages here.