Garden Storage Shed


The Wooden Garden Storage Shed

The Wooden Garden shed gives you the space you need with a bit of light streaming in through the window. With this storage shed, you get two vents and a double door for easy access. Since it is built from pressure treated lumber and with the highest quality materials, it should last for many years to come. Request a Quote and find out the exact price for your specific wooden garden shed built by Timberline Barns. We know this is the shed your green thumb always wanted.

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The Vinyl Garden Storage Shed with Windows

Take your Vinyl Utility Building further and create a garden shed that will provide a long-lasting and maintenance-free storage solution. Our vinyl sided Garden Sheds are built like the Utility Shed but have one or two windows added for natural light and air flow. When it’s time to work in the shed, you can relax in a cooler space. The windows with the standard vents make this a place where you will want to spend more time. If you need a shed like this for living, check out our cabin collection.

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The Metal Garden Storage Shed

The Metal Garden Shed is a long-term storage solution. You have things to do and projects to complete and don’t want to spend your time repairing and repainting the shed in ten years. With metal siding that should last for 40 years and the lifetime shed warranty from Timberline Barns, you can count on your shed being there when your neighbors are repairing theirs!

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