Lofted Garden Sheds

We’ve taken our standard garden shed design and added some features that we’re excited to offer you! We’re very proud of our lofted garden sheds, they will help you maximize your storage space by adding a lofted shelf to the garden shed models. In addition to a lofted shelf area, we’ve also added a window to give you access to natural light. This makes our lofted garden sheds excellent places to work on hobbies or repair equipment. Get a free quote or design your own today by clicking below.

Our lofted garden sheds are fitted with a loft that helps you maximize storage space. This loft will also give you the added benefit of overhead space to store smaller items. Because of its unique design, the lofted garden shed will provide you with great airflow that can help regulate extreme temperatures in your shed. With a wide range of customizable options such as paint color, stain choice, and interior design, you can create the lofted garden shed of your dreams. Get a free quote, or design your own today!

There are lots of benefits to having a shed in your backyard. Although the simplest and most obvious benefit is storage, there are so many other ways to use your Lofted Garden Shed. Safety, workspace, increasing home value, or even as decor. The Lofted Garden Shed is one of the most versatile outdoor structures you can have. With standard features such as metal roofing, a window, and professional siding, you can be sure to know that you’ll be getting a quality shed that’ll meet your needs. Timberline Barns has been focusing on pure quality and craftsmanship to serve its customers in the most professional way possible. We strive to listen to our customers and fulfill their outdoor storage needs. We know how hard you work to get your money, and that’s why we want to work with you so you can get outdoor structures that you actually want. Working with contractors that don’t listen can be very stressful and frustrating and that’s why we work with you to design and plan out your outdoor storage, so you can be satisfied with the buildings we provide.

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Lofted Garden Shed

The Lofted Garden Shed gives you plenty of headroom and amazing overhead storage space in addition to a window for natural interior lighting. These Garden Sheds will complement your backyard or garden beautifully. Use it to store your garden equipment or as a private space to work on your hobbies. These Garden Sheds are available for sale in Georgia, Virginia, Tennessee, Kentucky, and Ohio.

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