Cabin Sheds, Portable Cabins in Wood and Metal

The Cabin / Office

If you want an affordable cabin or office, the Cabin / Office shed is ideal. It is also a good fit for backyard storage, with a front porch for relaxation. The portable cabin shed comes with one 3’ entry door and 3 windows standard (more options are available). The 8’ wide models feature a traditional wooden door, and feature an inside clearance of 6’3”. The 10’ and 12’ wide models feature a metal-clad door and 7’ 3” clearance inside. You may order any width with either a 4’ or 6’ porch, and the porch can include fasteners for inclusion of an optional porch swing.

The Lofted Cabin with 6′ Porch

The Lofted Cabin with 6′ Porch offers the standard features found in the Cabin/Office with an added loft space. The loft can be used for storage or sleeping. The porch (4’ or 6‘) across the front adds to the appeal and is even ready for a swing. Your cabin comes with one 3’ entry door and 3 windows standard (more options are available).

Cabin Office Sheds For Sale in VA
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The Lofted Cabin with Premium Porch Package

For $999.00 you can add a Premium Porch Package to any Lofted Barn over 12’x24′. With this premium porch on the Lofted Cabin, you can enjoy the out-of-doors while hanging out at your secluded getaway. This lofted cabin shed also works great for tiny house living. Buy this cabin shed and finish the interior. It will give you a spacious tiny house along with the roomy porch.

Standard Features on the Cabin Sheds

General Standard Features:

  • Wooden, Vinyl or Metal
  • 6′ Porch Included
  • Optional Loft Door $50.00

Utility Porch Layout

Lofted Porch Layout

Metal Clad Doors: 
8′ Shed: 3′ Wooden
10-12′: 3′ Metal Clad

Garden: 3 Windows
Utility: 3 Windows


Two Included

Interior Wall Height:
Utility 8′: 6’3″ Tall
Utility 12-14′: 7’3″ Tall
Lofted Barn: 6’3″ Tall