Metal Storage Sheds For Sale in VA, KY and TN

Metal Storage Sheds in Jonesville, VA

The Metal Utility Storage Sheds

Simple, Affordable and Durable is the best way to describe the Utility Metal Storage Sheds from Timberline. When all you need is a utility shed to protect your stuff from the elements, then the metal storage sheds are a great solution. Choose from 15 metal siding colors to make the metal shed your very own. Request a Price Quote to select the metal shed that fits well with your budget or simply select our Shed Rent-to-Own option and pay a low monthly payment that will be convenient for you.

Garden Sheds with Metal Siding

Metal Garden Sheds are a long-term storage solution. You have things to do and projects to complete and don’t want to spend your time repairing and repainting the shed in ten years. With metal siding that should last for 40 years and the shed warranty from Timberline Barns, you can count on your shed being there when your others are repairing theirs!

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Metal Storage Shed for Sale in VA

Lofted Barn Metal Sheds in VA

Is your garage full of stuff or is your current storage shed just too small? How about upgrading to a Lofted Metal Storage Shed and have plenty of headroom to store things overhead. If you are ready for a Metal Shed in VA, KY or TN with plenty of headroom, then request a free quote today! These lofted  Metal Storage Sheds come in Many Colors to make sure it compliments many different properties. They can be purchased outright with Full payment or Get a Rent-To-Own to Finance your metal storage shed. Make Sure you Check out our  Shed Lot Location Finder to Select the Lot that’s Nearest to your home.

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Lofted Barn Metal Sheds

When you are spending time in the Metal Storage Shed, you do not want to have to bring along a flashlight to find your stuff. With two large windows, you will have natural light streaming into the Metal Storage Shed when you need it most. Plus, with a large loft for storing things, you should not run out of space anytime soon!

Standard Features on the Metal Sheds

General Standard Features:

  • 15 Metal Siding Colors
  • Galvanized Screws for Metal
  • Heavy Duty Metal Doors

Utility Shed: Doors on Gable

Garden Shed: Doors on side

Metal Doors: 
8′ Shed: One 4 ft door
10-12′: Two 3′ Doors

Garden: 1 Window
Utility: None


Two Included

Interior Wall Height:
Utility 8′: 6’3″ Tall
Utility 12-14′: 8′ Tall
Low Barn: 4′ Tall
Lofted Barn: 6’3″ Tall